I love everything about JYP Nation !♥ 2pm ♥ 2am ♥ Wonder Girls ♥ Miss A ♥ Baek Ah Yeon ♥ 15& ♥ Sunmi ♥ GOT7 ♥ 6mix♥5live ♥Bernard Park

I just love JYP Nation so so much that it is hard to explain in words.

Anw, I love the family-like and friendly JYP nation as a whole

I love JYP - the Asian soul, the down to the earth CEO who hangs out, jokes around and performs with his artists like friends, colleagues yet monitors them to millimeters, scolds them because of the half air half voice technique and meddles in their video with his appearance or the famous JYP whisper which is both annoying and kinda cute, familiar imo.

I love the legendary Wondergirls. They are strong-willed, elegant and mature women. I”ll be sad if they are not coming back but even if that’s the case, I’ll always love and respect them, especially the most beautiful and respected leader Sunye.

I love 2am - gentle ballad princes, but heyyy, that’s just their on-stage image. You definitely lol thousands times watching them on variety shows. Don’t even get me start on the everyone knows who- kkap Kwon.

2pm is just … WOW. I don’t think I will ever love any group as mush as I have loved them. They are beasts on stage but super dorky and trolling off stage. They have been through ups and downs, the fact that they still stick together as real brothers just makes me love and admire them than ever. With the latest comeback, they proved that they have grown now, yeah indeed but their funny, dorky sides don’t change at all.

And Miss A - the best best best female dancers among Kpop idol groups, I know I’m biased but seriously. 4 cute yet sexy, fierce ladies are really irresistible. They can dance like there’s no tmr and of course there is Min-the kkap Kwon’s sibling. Suzy-the Korea’s it-girl, Jia - my inspiration for fashion and Fei - dancing queen, I really really love them. COME BACK SOON; PLS.

JJProject: COME BACK SUPER SOON; PLS PLS PLS, the cute, fresh and rebellious boys. 

Baek Ah Yeon: I cried several times because of her voice in Kpop-star, After debut, she’s even more awesome. I want to think of her as a OST queen in future. Her voice is just so soothing and pure. Her look is so young and sweet. 

15& babies, oh the JYPnation maknaes. Jimin’s voice is rhythmical, Yerin’s voice is soulful. Together, their voices make me cringe because of awesomeness, their singing really touches me in my heart.

Sunmi , finally she’s back, The 4D princess, I’m looking forward to your solo and will support you. she has been through some obstacle yet apparently she survived, found her way back in the JYP home and here she is, ready to be back with a stronger image, I believe. Be strong and stronger this time, Sunmi!

Of course, I also love J-Lim, San E and Joo. But it’s kind of hard to write about them, if you’re a JYPnation stan, you know what I mean. Anw, somehow I feel that all artists in JYP are humble, talented and down-to-the-earth. Even supposedly, that’s the image they have created, I still admire and adore them. I cherish the JYPnation as a whole and I really appreciate what JYP has done, even though there might be some wrong moves in process. 

JYPnation, I’ll continue supporting you so you guys keep your adorable, true selves and keep delivering your unique music with quality to fans like me.

JYPnation jjang


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